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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  June 13, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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in eighth of june and made in 17. yesterday we commemorated women's south rage and the importance of both britain and voting for women. the demand were unable to put the update, the house on what he's doing to ensure everyone has a chance to register their vote in these vital vote. >> i join my honorable friend in the membrane but this up or
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stood for, what they achieved in the fact we achieved universal suffrage in this country. on the issues she raises and i'm sure they'll also want to know what it is and how to ration. 70 people want to take art in this massive democratic exercise in this by the decision our country. last night of the scandal from people concerned it might not be registered to vote in the referendum and this caused an overload of the system. i'm clear that people should continue to register today. the electoral commission made a statement this morning urging the government to consider options that would effectively extend the deadline and they should include legislative options and we are doing that in discussing it with the electoral commission today. we are working do just that and make sure those who register today and last night will be able to vote in the e.u. referendum. >> jeremy corbin.
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>> mr. speaker, it would be appropriate to be appropriate to house recognizes remember the life of mohammed ali today. model that the greatest in his chosen field, but some of his courage and wit inspires so many and the honor of meeting him in london to munich to navy and his wife lani a couple weeks ago. i think we should commend his bravery and facing parkinson's disease. his courageous campaign in on civil rights, anti-racism and he's hit all of us have lost one of the greatest. yesterday, mr. speaker, i met some workers from sports direct coming to parliament to give evidence to the select committee about the shocking behavior of the company. nonpayment, a culture of intimidation and fear and zero hours contracts. they sent the scandalous scourge of contracts which is light in the lives of many already low-paid people.
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will the prime minister do us another european countries have done and -- >> the nature and the later of the opposition. u.s.a. anonymous role model outside the ring and appears encouraging integration is something we should all celebrate. i'm sure we all tried to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. it's not as possible in the circumstances we face. on the issue of sports direct in the appalling practice of not paying the minimum wage, i absolutely afford it and this government has done more than any previous government to crack down. we have levied almost 5000 penalties since 2010. we continue to name and shame eligible employees for the employer investigation has been closed, something that didn't
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happen before. penalties not paying the minimum wage or a record high and the total value of penalties last year was over 15 times bigger than 2010. on top of our national voting weights, we are going to unscrupulous employees and making sure that people get the deal that they deserve. on the issue, we legislated in the last parliament to stop exclusive contracts, but we followed the conclusion of our consultation is sad that we shouldn't go further than that and that for some people do have the choice of those contracts. >> the direct shows the christmas that looks like a huge employer. we should unite the union for posting what went wrong. it shows a much strengthened, not weakened right particularly
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with criminal entities involved. the government employment minister, the honorable member said that if we leave europe, we could just have the burdens of the european union social and employment legislation. does she speak on behalf of the government when she promises to reduce the burden she described above that legislation on behalf of whom does she peek? >> government is in favor of state and a reformed european union because we are stronger. we are safer and we are better off. for many people, one of the reasons they want to stay in the european union as they do believe that provides an underpinning in terms of rates for work or is that when it bites. would make the point that we in this house have repeatedly chosen to go over and above those rates.
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we've got the right to request flexible working for all workers since 2014. we were well be on maternity leave e.u. to write is giving 52 weeks maternity leave. was given shared parental leave. we get a taste for annually for full-time workers than the e.u. working directive. i believe that this modern passionate conservative government has the next lap record on these things underpinned by a membership of the european union. >> jeremy corbin. >> if it is a compassionate conservative government as he describes it [shouting] why is there an employment minister who wants to reduce the burden of employment legislation and make work and i could quote one other person giving opinions on these matters. he said i can't guarantee any person in their current job but keep their job.
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but just as mentor who seems equally relaxed about unemployment minister who want to reduce. qa do something about that? >> where holding a referendum. that is what is happening. the government has a clear position where we are stronger, safer, better off. that is the advice we are giving to voters in the country and the capacity are campaigning on another side of the argument. i don't approve the honorable member said. i don't agree and i couldn't be clear about that. the government has a clear position. on this issue, not only did he and i agree for the conservative
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government agree, but also the support of the liberal democrat afforded to help the unionist party. this is one occasion when the business large and small are on the same side. we should celebrate that as hard as we can. >> we do celebrate the work done by trade unions all across europe are slated to european union with four weeks paid holiday not against sex discrimination, rights for agency workers. mr. speaker, two weeks ago i raced to the prime minister the proposed amendment to the posting of workers directive to close a loophole that allows unscrupulous employers to exploit micro-workers and undercut wages here. what they now confirmed that he will argue in europe for that
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amendment to close this loophole that allows effects notation to go on. >> we support the current job gave been working with the dutch prime minister who's leaving none and the amendment to this is a worthwhile. >> i hope a backseat to ensure he goes through. there is another issue raised again a couple weeks ago. the anger that exists all over this country in the western world about tax avoidance. i agree with number of academic progress inside the european union does not guide on tax avoidance. his numbers at the european parliament have not been supporting country by country tax transparency. the companies publish their tax payments in each country in which they operate. will he not tell us when this is going to be supported, when it
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will go through to close down just one of the many tax loopholes that exist at the present time? >> first of all, i would argue no government has done more nationally to crack down on tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance. i also argue no government has done more internationally to invest up. i made it the centerpiece of my g8. we've given change in the oecd. we are not driving change in the european union. then they confirm, but any piece to support country by country reporting and they said that over and over again and i'm happy to repeat that today. >> i'm really pleased and we a lot delighted about that. i hope they get around to voting for it. that would certainly help. he will be aware, mr. speaker of the labor position is that we want to stay in the european
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union to improve worker's rights, tackle exploitation, dragged on tax evasion and tax avoidance. but we are concerned that these issues are not the priorities of members of this government policies such as the member for outreach and a member for wear them. they are speaking to try and destroy social advances made within the european union. does he talk to them at any time and do they speak for themselves for him and his government and if they speak for themselves, they minister the same time. >> here i am trying to be so conceptual. i'm doing my best. i could've mentioned the number is now spinning for nigel for roche. [shouting] i don't want to play that game. i want to stress the unity of areas particularly over this issue of tax evasion. what we have in prospect in the
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european union in part because the british action is the idea of saying that large foreign multinationals want to invest in the european union, they'll have to report their country by country tax arrangements not just in europe but all over the world. that could drive a huge change in some of these large come and is further rate concerns and i hope that he and i can unite and say to be a good date and shows that when britain pushes an agenda in europe it wins. >> the prime minister has repeatedly stated that he now confirmed on the 21st of june that voters are not guaranteed any treaty changed to e.u. law as no treaty change for the cheese despite a promise to deliver one.
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we start denigrating our great country and if anyone needed he's losing the other. i have strong views about this issue. on the specific point you raise is, it is not correct. in the negotiation was secured to vital treaty changes on the one i'm getting britain now of the union and on another that protection worker and say. i don't accept for one minute that in any way supporting britain been a member of proof on european union is doing our country down. if you love your country, you're an opportunity for your young people. if you love your country committed to one act in the thick of lead to his breakup and that is why what i want to see as not nigel's union. i want to see a strong britain in europe.
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>> last week, thousands from both sides in the battle were remembered in commemoration for the president still joined the first minister and the princess royal and the president of germany with dozens of people to remember the tragedy of so many people losing their lives. as a speaker come to european cooperation richard both world wars as the best way to secure peace. does the prime minister agree we should never take peace and security for granted and that's a strong reason to remain in the european union. >> the rental general menace read about this. they were moving scenes as they stood on that symmetry ground.
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they commemorated how many people lost their lives. i do want to be clear about this because the words world war iii have never passed my list here that they reassure everyone about that. can we really take for granted -- can we really take for granted the security and stability that we enjoy today when we know that our continent has been ranked by so many in the past. like all conservatives, i would get the greatest critic to nato for keeping the peace, but it's always been a conservative view of the european union has played its role as well. >> mr. speaker, this is not about world war iii, but the reality, the factors that worsen the european continent outside the european union and the balkans. it happened in ukraine. it is also a fact that there have never, ever been any
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examples, not one single example of armed conflict between member states of the european union. but the prime minister take the time that this last ahead of the european union referendum to strike the positive advantages of cooperation of pace and stability, not just the single market or the rights we have as citizens. peace and prosperity is why we should remain in the european union. >> i think the strongest argument of wanting us to say is that we will be better off for the market of 500 million people is more essential for businesses. the argument that is making that will be stronger in the world in terms of getting things done for written in citizens is important. the argument that the european union as a means or countries is
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something that i never forget. however frustrating on the table with 27 prime ministers and presidents, these are countries that were in conflict. now we would discuss and argue and that is a far better way of doing things. >> thank you, mr. speaker. if my constituents are to share that economic success driven by this government, i have to have access to employment a good quality public services. can the prime minister give me any assistance in my campaign to open the robin hood line to extend to the villages so they can get them on a train into a job. [shouting] >> ottawa makes an important point. quality infrastructure is essential and i'm pleased to say following representations from the department for =tranfour the conditions for their new station spans their new stations banned so that projects like the robin
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hood line can benefit from government money to kickstart and get them going. >> thank you, mr. speaker. in 2003, the current prime minister joined tony blair and posting the war in iraq. this can't be denied. while not the judgment be discredited if the report fails to recognize that the then prime minister honestly and genuinely believed that his actions give me information available? >> all i say to the right honorable lady and i remember the powerful speeches she made at the time the concerns she had for people in iraq, particularly the kurds that i remember that well. we should wait for the report and what it has to say.
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i have no idea what is in there. all i do know is the publication is coming quite soon. >> the european union and many did not have debacle in its finances of 24.7 alien euros around 19 billion pounds. 18 months ago my friend declared he would not pay 1.7 billion pounds for their jobs. yet he later was forced to pay out. but britishers did my friend has a hard-working british taxpayers will not be forced to pour money if our nation voted to remain in the european union and really our only payment such as this. >> the reassurance i can give my honorable friend is that we fixed the european budget for a seven-year period between 2014 and 2218 and we fixed the total for that red tape that was
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lowered from the previous seven-year period in mainstay european budgets are going to go down and not do. that cannot be changed. this is a very important point that overall ceiling of spending is determined by all 20 prime ministers and presidents. there is a veto change in it. just as there is a veto over the british rebate. the only person who can give up the rebate is the british prime minister. as long as i'm standing here and it's on the same prime minister, absolutely no prospect of that happening. now i will as he ended his question with a remark, i will and mind with the remark, that there is no expert that would make a saving from leaving the e.u. the only black hole there would be would be in our public finances because we had a smaller economy. we'd have lower tax receipts so we've got to cut spending or put up taxes to make up for the
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fact. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the debate information to benefit the general use -- [inaudible] could the prime minister said the way that implemented for all. >> well, i will look very closely what he says. i'm right in saying the buses billets at her as they develop that that that affects issues in england rather than issues in scotland. then they look carefully what i said. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i right honorable friend will be aware it's been five years since pfizer and sandwich scale down operations. the inner pride sound has been a true relief of high-tech businesses on sides were employment levels are now nearly
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up to the previous position. he previously promised a trip and i invite him once more to see the success of discovery park in my constituency. >> well, i am delighted to make that -- to answer that. i remember it very well it was early in the 2010 parliament when pfizer made that decision. i think there were real concerns this would lead to an accident jobs and investment in my right honorable friend's constituency and i want to pay tribute to david williams who did a great job as finance minister at the time working with others, including the local mp to get businesses to create in the constituency and show a very strong arm is suitable in ascetical mai tais industry in our country providing the jobs they need. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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the class go one and that if we let the public jobs jobs would be lost. the economist patrick manske has revealed that this strategy means manufacturing would be mostly eliminated. but the prime minister -- they would sacrifice -- [inaudible] >> the honorable lady makes an important point, which is one of the reasons by international companies bass in britain. of course we have asked but labor relations. the english language are very hard-working hard-working workforce, great engineers, but they're also members of the single market. i thought one team has to be the european headquarters comment to manufacture the strains of the northeast and sell them all over europe and how that might not be possible if we were to leave us
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incredibly powerful statement. in my clear view, jobs come first and if people want to vote for jobs, they should vote for them on june the 23rd. thank you, mr. chairman. speaking at any universities, colleges and schools across england and also through organizations organized by the universities u.k. and the group, i have been struck by the strong interest and people have remaining in the european union. does the prime minister agree that britain can take a firm laid in the european union to promote the interest in their opportunities in the future generally. >> i think our universities have been unanimous in recommending we vote to remain in the e.u. private because of the opportunities they don't people will have remain part of a single market of 500 million people. our universities to bow out of research funding which is
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actually helping to create businesses and jobs of the future while they contribute 11% of the e.u. research budget, would receive 16% of the allocated funding. staying in europe is good for students opportunities, good for young people's opportunities. >> dean addison. >> the defense committee -- the minister of defense -- [inaudible] does the prime minister share my concerns in the shipyard is causing real problems and the money allocated to deliver this program are on schedule. [shouting] >> it is certainly not the case that this country in any way has run out of money or ran out of ambition when it comes to ship the thing.
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we are currently building the two largest ships the royal navy has ever had and we are going to shirt the decommissioning the 26th program as well as the offshore patrol vessels. the point that would make to the honorable member as there is only one way we could threaten shipbuilding and that would be to pull out of the united kingdom and see that jobs be decimated as a result. >> dr. liam fox. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the beauty of a referendum if every positive oboes send members of parliament have no more for political security over anyone else. does my right honorable friend except the referendum is not a consultation, but an instruction to parliament and the british people? is it not different, to accept that remain would be remained and they'd would mainly it and any to shortchange or distort the brat for the british people would be a democratic outrage?
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>> i did my right honorable friend is absolutely right. every vote counts the same. we've asked the british people for their opinion and we should treat their decision as an instruction to deliver. i know many people would like me to be a bit more nuanced than what i think to say there are two options that they both have some merit. that might've made my life easier. the problem is i don't believe it. i very strongly believe we are better off if we stand and that is that the government is saying so clearly to the british people , better a stronger, safer, but in the end it's the british people's decision. >> last week mr. speaker the prime minister was right they extorted the virtues of the e.u. as a means to tackle pollution. get the u.k. government has led efforts or as a key e.u. directive aimed at reducing the number of people that died every year from breathing toxic air. can you tell us why?
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>> what we do in arab countries make make sure we improve our air quality, that we go for clean air zones and we've seen a major reduction in particular in the air over the last two years and we will continue doing just that. >> thank you, mr. speaker. but the prime minister said is right. we have to go in the campaign. i remember what you said about notifying members that they are going to be in their constituent. can i tell you the prime minister a group of global campaigners will be descending on whitney at lunch time this sunday. i will be there. and what the prime minister be able to join us? given what he has just sat, would he confirm if the country goes to leave he would be able to stay prime minister negotiate the exit?
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>> first of all, i'm very sorry i won't able to meet my honorable friend. i'm making an appearance on the injured mark program on sunday. i would recommend he goes to the police pub in whitney and spend as much time in this much money there. >> dr. rupert. >> thank you, mr. speaker. but we have a decision by the time in prices this summer and is a personally stand by his word [inaudible] >> i absolutely stand by what i said that we will have a decision about as in the summer and we do need to decide. >> the national parliament takes place here when 600 community leaders who will be banned from
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holding prayer and bible study meetings. anti-terrorism present strategy. as the prime minister agreed that it is not very strategy to invest terrorism and extremism. >> of course to my honorable friend says is right. i'm not going to attend the prayer brought this because it's a very good event and brings a lot of people together and means a lot to christians. the point she makes, i have not heard about the example, but is clearly ludicrous. it's quite clear that's not quite sure what was intended. >> everyday 6000 people take care and responsibility than they here is tell us they feel abandoned by everyone including the government.
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the prime minister has pledged to do much better in my constituency in the 6.5 billion across the country. >> we take this opportunity to take care for the selfless work they do, for the immense amount of money they save taxpayers every year for what they do. but above all, the love and commitment they give to the people they are caring for. we've tried to help the brakes because many carriers say to you the one thing they need to go on as an occasional break in his time away from their caring responsibilities and we should continue to work on all those things. >> the largest single source of employment and wealth in my constituency is the london-based financial services market. does the prime minister agree with me that the opportunity to continue trading freely in a 500 billion single market
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financial services is an unparalleled and not domestic opportunity for my constituent and one that no sensible businessman would never turn its back on. >> right honorable friend makes an important point and here it's worth understanding exactly what the single market beans. a financial services company based in the u.k. has a password to trade and 27 other e.u. countries. if we are to leave than if we leave the single market, we lose that passport right. by definition, many of the firms would have to relocate at least some of their stuff into another european union country. hsbc would have to scrap a thousand jobs. jpmorgan would have described 4000 jobs. many jobs in insurance to be under threat and this is a concrete example of why the single market tatters. i would make the point because
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it doesn't affect his constituency. two thirds of the jobs in financial services or outside of london and this accounts for 7% of our economy. but experts warn of effects on jobs and growth in our country, this is a classic example of why their right to make that case. >> does the prime minister agree with me that a vote to leave the 23rd of job for the steel industry. they made in order to disguise with the emanate decision on thousands of jobs in my constituency. >> of working closely with the honorable gentleman as is my bride old friend to do everything we can to secure a future or steal and days progressing and encouraging. we are better off inside the european union because together,
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as one of 28 countries we are far better able to stand up to whether it's the chinese are indeed the american and where we put in place as tariffs, you can see 98, 99% reduction in those categories be imported into the e.u. we still face a difficult situation massive overcapacity, but definitely better off as part of the organization fighting for steel workers jobs. >> for the prime minister addressed our present immigration policy in all truthfulness cannot control members coming in from the e.u. for public services. we actually discriminate against the rest of the world outside the e.u. i spent my evening yesterday
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with mr. frerotte-ish. i'm confused about what the leap camp wants when it comes to immigration. more immigration from outside the e.u. into our country. my view is we should restrict welfare in the way that we've negotiated so you have to come and work here for four years before he gets all access to our welfare system. no more something for nothing. we should focus on proper controls on migration outside the e.u. and we can do some more. that's the right answer. the alternative of alternative points that stand but twice as much integration per head as he do in the u.k. that's not the right answer for britain. >> at the end of his time in office.
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last night but the catastrophe in libya. >> time to reflect on your mistakes. that doesn't apply. >> your latest right they too have received such a tumultuous year. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i was to lead to a bulk of my friend to my constituency last week to visit our largest local employer. we heard that have been a and stable economy is vital for the ongoing success of britain's oldest brewery. by right honorable friend agrees that they did the european union would put that economy.
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>> my honorable friend is right. the oldest brewery in the country couldn't have been clearer about wanting to stay in. they want to be in our interest. she and i very much enjoyed the spitfire they had about 10:30 in the morning. the thing we have to do to win this argument. >> given the number of people traveling from all parts of the united kingdom including stocks to the euros next week. we welcome everybody. given the success of the northern island of 150-1 is almost certain to win. but the prime minister and share
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given the number of visitors under the security threat that the british and b.c. are fully geared up in racers and staff and the problems that will arise. >> i'm grateful for raising this issue. this is one occasion when the whole house will want all the home nations to stay in your correspondence possible. [shouting] every schemas and russia. i'm watching very closely to get various towns supported. the honorable gentleman makes an important point, which is this is a very big security undertaking than half a million people are planning people are planning to leave the united kingdom to go to this tournament. because people need to know that obviously there is a significant terrorist threat in france today.
12:39 am
there is a threat to this tournament. it is critical. the threat level for the tournament is severe and people need to know that. the french security operation is enormous. 10,000 military personnel, 13,000 security guards providing counterterrorism and public order support including transit to friends and we are also helping any other areas that the french ask us for. we all want to see an absolute great celebration of european football. i wish all the home nations well. they have made it to this tournament. and of course wales than in red. i look forward in the breaks in this campaign much in some our c-span campaign 2016 bus
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continues its travel throughout the country to honor winners from the student cam competition. recently, our bus stopped at montgomery blair high school in maryland. students were presented with awards in front of classmates, parents, teachers for producing 14 putting videos, including a documentary titled "driving forward." theirnners won $3000 for documentary on infrastructure spending. inrbus also stopped washington, d.c..
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the winners there were awarded toward $50 each. awarded $250 each. a special thanks to our cable partner, comcast cable for helping coordinate these visits in the community. you can see all of the winning documentaries at >> at least 50 people were shot and killed today at a nightclub in orlando, florida. many persons were injured in what has become the worst mass shooting in american history. earlier today, president obama gave a statement from the white house briefing room and provided an update on how the investigation was being handled. president obama: today as americans, we grieve the brutal
12:43 am
murder, horrific massacre of innocent people. we pray for the families who are grasping for answers with broken hearts. we stand with the people of orlando, who have endured a terrible attack on their city. although it is still early in the investigation, we know enough to say this was an act of terror and an act of hate. as americans, we are united in grief, outrage, and in resolve to defend our people. i just finished a meeting with rbi director comey and ou security pfizer's. the fbi is leading the investigation. they have the full resources to the federal government for this investigation. we are still learning all of th e facts. this is an open end
12:44 am
investigation. we have reached no definitive judgment on the motives of the killer. the fbi is investing this as an act of terrorism. i have directed that we must spare no efforts to determine what, if any, inspiration or associations this killer may have had with terrorist groups. what is clear is that he was a person filled with hatred. over the coming days we will uncover why and how this happened and we will go wherever the facts lead us. this morning i spoke with my good friend, the orlando mayor, and i conveyed to him the deepest condolences of the american people. this could have been anyone of our communities. whateverold the mayor, help he and the people of orlando need, they are going to get it. as a country, we will be there for the people of orlando today, tomorrow, and all the days to
12:45 am
come. we also expressed our profound gratitude to all of the police and first responders who rushed to harm's way. their courage and professionalism saved lives and kept the carnage from being even worse. this is the kind of suck of force that -- this is the kind of sacrifice our law-enforcement individuals make every day and we cannot thank them enough. this is an especially heartbreaking day for our fellow americans who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual. the shooter targeted a nightclub where people came together to be with friends, to dance, to sing, and to live. a place where they were attacked is more than a nightclub, it is the place of solidarity and empowerment of people have come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds, and to advocate for the civil rights. so, this is a sobering reminder
12:46 am
that attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, is an attack on all of us. and on the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country. no act of hate or terror will change who we are or the values that make us americans. today marks the most deadly shooting in american history. the shooter was a fairly armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. is therefore, a further reminder of how easy it is worth somebody to get their hands on a weapon that allows them to shoot people in a school, house of worship, movie theater, or in a nightclub. and we have to decide if that is the kind of country that we want to be. and to actively do nothing is a decision as well. wethe coming hours an days
12:47 am
will learn about the victims of tragedy, their names, their faces, who they were, the joy they brought to family and friends and the difference they made in this world. say a prayer for them and say a prayer for their families. god give them the strength to bear the unbearable. and may he give us all the strength to be there for them and the strength and courage to change. we need to demonstrate that we are defined more as a country by the way they live their lives than by the hate from the man who took them from us. inspiration from heroic and selfless acts, friends of health runs, took care of each other, and saved lives. in the face of hate and violence, we will love one
12:48 am
another. we will not give in to fear or turn against each other. instead, we will stand united as americans to protect our people and defend our nation and to take action against those who threaten us. may god bless the americans we lost this morning. may he comfort their family. may god continue to watch over this country that we love. thank you. >> the next "washington journal," we get your reaction and share the latest of elements in the investigation. or leave aphone, comment by facebook and twitter. live atton journal" is 7:00 a.m.. >> monday night on "the
12:49 am
communicators," the president of the communication workers of america discusses the recent 45 day strike against verizon. he also covers the cwa's position on trade, as well as his interest in broadband expansion. he is joined by david shepherdson. it may at some point go away. but we need a support brand. people more and more and more want to have broadband capability all over the united states. it is a big fight. the fcc is backing up, giving companies money to build that broadband in rural communities. broadband and a is a big part of what we do and i think it will become a bigger part of what we do. >> watch "the communicators" monday night at 8:00 p.m. on c-span 2. >> mitch mcconnell and several
12:50 am
other lawmakers appear this last week and at a conference here in washington, hosted by the faith and freedom coalition. they spoke about the presidential election. this is two hours. >> good morning. andf we focus on the issues
12:51 am
the constitution, we win. i want to bring you up-to-date on some work that we are doing in the house of representatives. everybody remembers the videos that came out last year and with every video, we got a little bit more insight into what was happening with abortion. we got a view of doctors who were willing to sell baby body parts for money. clinics where marketing body parts online. this exploits young woman and they see their babies as a propherofit center. the house of representatives is doing something about it. the microphone is not on. can you hear me now? is we will do it this way, then.
12:52 am
the videos is what everybody saw. and he wanted us to do something about it. on october 7, 2015, the house passed a resolution. it established the investigative panel on infant lives. we were directed to investigate the issues related to acquisition and a transfer for resell of fetal tissue to research institutions and related matters. take a look at the core language of the resolution. it is not the usual congressional inquiry. this is about exacting details, evidence, accounting practices, business records, bank records. it is about subpoenas. let me give you a snapshot of the abortion bid and the fetal tissue industry. there are currently 512 surgical abortion clinics. performtors who
12:53 am
abortion. there are eight procurement businesses that we have under scrutiny, companies that pay money for tissue and resell it. these companies have hundreds of customers and the transactions -- and when i say transactions, this means individual sales of baby body parts for money. those transactions number in the thousands. the average price paid to the abortion clinic forr tissue is $50. is average resale price $700, sometimes higher. be investigation must exacting because selling baby body parts for a profit is a violation of federal law and is a 10 year felony. 1993.tatute was passed in it is a basic accounting
12:54 am
statute. sell the baby body part for a profit and you are in violation of the law. donate the body parts, you are within the law. this is one of the reasons we subpoenas, 36e subpoenas as of today. there has been little compliance from the middle man. people have said to us, we will not comply with a congressional subpoena. some people have said, start the contempt process and i plan to do exactly that. [laughter] subpoenas will be enforced and during our first hearing on the bioethics, the democrats agreed that nobody should sell a baby body part for a profit. their star witness admitted that vaccines, a few early note is have come from fetal tissue research.
12:55 am
they agreed that nobody should be able to get pregnant for the purpose of making a fetal tissue donation. the witnesses, including a democrat, agree that the consent form used is misleading. they agreed it would be a legal and ethical violation for an abortion clinic and a researcher to deceive the board, called an institutional review board, that by law, reviews fetal tissue research. hearing, whichnd was on the pricing of fetal tissue, two former u.s. attorneys agree that our investigation had produced evidence that abortion clinics and the middleman were profiting from the sale of parts. all of the panelists agreed that we needed the accounting records and the banking records. that is the reason for the subpoenas. i want to show you a business brochure that is absolutely bone chilling. this is offered to the abortion clinics to add a profit center
12:56 am
to their clinic. we have got the language highlighted their. -- highlighted there. you can see they add the selling of baby body parts were profit. now, take a look at the website that goes with a brochure. this is the place where they sell the baby body parts. there is a drop-down box with everything listed, brain, heart, lung, liver, tongue. click on what you want, click on the gestation period yuou want and then proceed to checkout. this is big abortion today. long gone is the lie of legal safe and rare. a baby is a profit center, whatever the cost. look at these invoices.
12:57 am
money paid to the clinics for each body part. money paid to the procurement company and the many procurement companies besides stem express. it is all about the money. does it matter that abortion business exploits frighten young women facing a life-changing decision. does it matter that abortion privacy?iolate hepa as a matter that everyone of these actions degrades the rules and dignity of our organ donation? yes, it does matter. have copies ofou letters that i have spent to -- letter sent to the inspector general. over 70 pages of documented evidence of violations. you can read them all on the website. i am not alone in this effort. i chair the select investigative panel.
12:58 am
it is filled with wonderful members and i want to introduce .ou to our team we are a strong pro-life team. you have joe pitts from pennsylvania, diane black from tennessee, sean duffy, dr. andy harris, strong pro-life members. [laughter] -- [applause] their efforts matter to me and i know that they matter to you. what we areabout doing in the house is all a part equipping for the fight. on april 3, hillary clinton said this on "go meet the press." that the "unborn person" does not have constitutional rights. and the how strikingly callous
12:59 am
that is. the unborn person does not have constitutional rights. coldness with which she dismissed rights for unborn children reveals a is shocking. that they are in place because unborn children have constitutional rights. [applause] >> but even more troubling to me is that her comments may signal her intentions, much the same way president obama has used executive orders on immigration to use executive action to block even minimal protections of life at its most honorable stage. so, here is our website.
1:00 am
i want each of you to get involved, to tell others to write letters. write an article. i want you to get on our e-mail list. go to our website and pull down these documents i have shown you today. and they want to offer to you, ca call to action. one of our founding fathers was president of the massachusetts assembly. the militia gave the charge and the command as they headed to bunker hill, where he lost his life. he said, on you defend the fortunes of america. you are to decide the important questions upon which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. act worthy of yourselves for us today, as conservatives,


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